Snakes of Rondônia State, Brazil


  • Paulo Sérgio Bernarde Universidade Federal do Acre, Centro Multidisciplinar, Laboratório de Herpetologia
  • Saymon de Albuquerque Faculdade São Lucas, Centro de Ensino, Departamento de Zoologia
  • Thiago Oliveira Barros Faunística Soluções Ambientais
  • Luiz Carlos Batista Turci Universidade Federal do Acre, Centro Multidisciplinar, Laboratório de Herpetologia


reptiles, squamata, amazon, inventory


The present study aimed to update the snake species list of the state of Rondônia based on a literature review, and to provide information on species distribution in the state. A total of 118 snake species from eight families have been recorded in Rondônia: Leptotyphlopidae (4 species), Typhlopidae (1), Aniliidae (1), Boidae (6), Colubridae (21), Dipsadidae (67), Elapidae (9) and Viperidae (9). Of these, 109 species were recorded in areas of amazon forest and 27 in cerrado areas. The observed richness in cerrado areas is probably underestimated because of the low number of studies, and the small coverage (ca. 5%) of this vegetation in the state. Nine species (Epicrates crassus, Chironius flavolineatus, Drymoluber brazili, Apostolepis striata, Oxyrhopus rhombifer, Pseudoboa nigra, Xenodon merremii, Bothrops mattogrossensis and Crotalus durissus) were recorded exclusively in cerrado areas, being related with this environment in Amazon. Six species (Masticophis mentovarius, Apostolepis striata, Erythrolamprus mimus, Micrurus mipartitus, Micrurus sp. and Bothrocophias microphthalmus) have been recorded in Brazil only in Rondônia. There are gaps of knowledge on snake fauna in some regions of the state, and further studies are essential. This is an emergencial measure, because of the increaseing habitat destruction along the Cerrado and southern portions of Amazonia.




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