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BIOTA NEOTROPICA is an electronic, peer-reviewed journal edited by the BIOTA/FAPESP Program: The Virtual Institute of Biodiversity. This journal's aim is to disseminate the results of original research work concerned with characterization, conservation, restoration and sustainable use of biodiversity within the Neotropical region.

BIOTA NEOTROPICA does not publish papers that include descriptions of new species of taxonomic groups whose Nomenclatural Code requires printed copies. Authors are responsible to check if the specific requirements of the Nomenclatural Code of the organism they are working with. If your taxonomic group does require printed copies of your publication, you should look for another journal to submit your paper. 

Manuscripts are considered on the understanding that their content has not appeared, or will not be submitted, elsewhere in substantially the same form, because once published their copyrights are transferred to BIOTA NEOTROPICA 

The submission of papers for publication in BIOTA NEOTROPICA is made EXCLUSIVELY through the site http://mc04.manuscriptcentral.com/bn-scielo and must be prepared in accordance with the instructions. After successful submission you will receive a confirmation email along with an ID number for your paper.

All subsequent correspondence should be sent to the Editor at ea@biotaneotropica.org.br

Current publication fee charged is R$ 1200.00 (One Thousand and Two Hundred Reais) for Brazilian authors and US$ 450.00 (Four Hundred and Fifty Dollars) for foreign authors, irrespective of the number of pages published. Payment details will be sent to authors in the final editorial stage of articles accepted for publication. There are no submission fees for the articles.

Papers, exclusively in English, may be submitted in the following categories:

All papers accepted for publication in BIOTA NEOTROPICA must have a title, an abstract, and keywords in English and in Portuguese or Spanish. For more details, please consult the item instructions for authors.

The institution responsible for the electronic publication of BIOTA NEOTROPICA is the BIOTA/FAPESP Program: The Virtual Institute of Biodiversity with support from the National Center for High-Performance Processing/CENAPAD-SP, based in Campinas, São Paulo. The Biota Neotropica is published only online via the Internet using the World Wide Web as a platform.

Papers that only report a new occurrence of one or more species in a region where its presence would be expected, but the record had not been done before, are not eligible for publication in BIOTA NEOTROPICA.

BIOTA NEOTROPICA publishes four numbers per year. All papers submitted for publication in BIOTA NEOTROPICA will be assessed by at least two "ad hoc" referees. BIOTA NEOTROPICA uses the anonymous peer review process, i.e. author(s) will not have access to the identity of the referees. Once articles are accepted, they will be published in the issue in progress.

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This journal is under the Open Access model and is therefore free for anybody to read, download, copy and disseminate according to its Creative Commons license

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All content of the journal, except where identified, is licensed under a Creative Commons attribution type BY 4.0.

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Currently this publication is supported by the BIOTA/FAPESP Program from the State of São Paulo Research Foundation/FAPESP