Checklist of fresh-water Cladocera from São Paulo State, Brazil


  • Odete Rocha Universidade Federal de São Carlos, Departamento de Ecologia e Biologia Evolutiva
  • Maria José Santos-Wisniewski Universidade Federal de Alfenas, Instituto de Ciências da Natureza


fresh-water Cladocera, biodiversity of the State of São Paulo, BIOTA/FAPESP Program


In the present work an updated checklist of the species of Cladocera in the state of São Paulo is presented, based on previous check-list and a review of the recent studies which include in majority the studies developed within the BIOTA/FAPESP Program. Species inventory performed ten years ago revealed the occurrence of 112 species in Brazil and 84 species in the State of São Paulo. The present review shows the occurrence of 96 species of this group in the state of São Paulo, representing a 15% increase in the species richness. Among the 300 water bodies sampled in 23 units water resource management units (UGHRI) of São Paulo State within the scope of the BIOTA/FAPESP Program, the highest richness of Cladocera species was found in Mogi-Guaçu and Aguapeí units with 27 species recorded in each. Among the advances reached by the BIOTA/FAPESP Program it could be emphasized the wide geographic covering and the number of species recorded, with 12 new occurrences of native species and 2 exotic species as well. This study evidenced that still there are important gaps in the knowledge, particularly regarding the taxonomy, since many species regarded as cosmopolitan may be a complex of many species requiring taxonomical reviews and ecological studies of the species. It is believed that with the continuity of the studies, the richness of species of Cladocera can increase considerably.




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