Checklist of birds from São Paulo State, Brazil


  • Luís Fábio Silveira Universidade de São Paulo


birds, biodiversity of the State of São Paulo, BIOTA/FAPESP Program


Species lists are essential to understand both temporal and distributional patterns of taxa. Based on data compiled by CEO (Centro de Estudos Ornitológicos), Willis and Oniki (2003), and from a search of more than 50 theses, dissertations, monographs and technical works, we listed all bird species recorded in the State of São Paulo. These records are composed of skins and other evidence collected and deposited in collections, and on photographs and voice samples. A total of 793 species were registered, distributed in 25 orders and 85 families, and corresponding to 45% of the Brazilian avifauna. Reasons for this high diversity are related to the environmental diversity found in the state, influenced by altitudinal and geographical ranges, different phytophysiognomies, presence of a coastal region, and areas of contact between forest ecosystems and Cerrado. Results of the Biota project contributed to a better understanding of how birds respond to anthropogenic alterations of the environment, such as habitat fragmentation. The main ornithological research groups are still based in universities and museums. Deficiencies of knowledge concerning bird studies in São Paulo are related to the lack of standardization of survey methodologies; paucity in the monitoring of threatened species in the long term; restricted knowledge about species capacity to use matrix; and lack of refinement in the delimitation of evolutionary units and their distribution, which is essential for species reintroduction in regions where they have gone extinct.




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