Leguminosae at Poconé, Pantanal of Poconé, Mato Grosso, Brazil


  • Rosilene Rodrigues Silva Universidade Federal de Mato Grosso - UFMT, Instituto de Biociências, Herbário UFMT


Fabaceae, floristic survey, diversity, Senna, Bauhinia, legumes


This paper presents a floristic survey of Leguminosae at Poconé township, situated in Pantanal of Poconé, Mato Grosso State, Brazil, among 16° 00´-17° 38´ S and 55° 59´ 46"-57º 38´ 38" W. Unsystematic collects of specimens of Leguminosae were done between 2007 and 2009 and the material was deposited in the UFMT Herbarium. In the study area, Leguminosae is represented by 54 genera and 99 species and two varieties, of which 12 genera and 29 species and two varieties belongs to the subfamily Caesalpinioideae, 12 genera and 19 species to subfamily Mimosoideae, and 30 genera and 51 species to subfamily Papilionoideae. Senna was the most expressive genus (7 spp.), followed by Bauhinia and Desmodium (5), Chamaecrista, Inga and Mimosa (4), Copaifera, Crotalaria, Discolobium, Indigofera and Stylosanthes (3), Aeschynomene, Albizia, Andira, Eriosema, Galactia, Hymenaea, Machaerium, Phanera, Pterodon, Sesbania, Vigna and Zornia (2), while the other ones presents only one species each. An increase of 30 species not cited to Pantanal region. Amongst the species that have been registered we can emphasize Chamaecrista mucronata (Spreng.) H.S. Irwin & Barneby as a first record to Poconé and Mato Grosso State.




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