Floristic composition of four tropical upper montane rain forests in Southern Brazil


  • Maurício Bergamini Scheer SANEPAR, DMA, Assessoria de Pesquisa e Desenvolvimento
  • Alan Yukio Mocochinski MEC, Coordenação de Aperfeiçoamento de Pessoal de Nível Superior


atlantic rain forest, sea mountain range, tropical/subtropical montane cloud forest, upper montane dense ombrophyllous forest


The Cloud Forests have very important environmental functions, among them, the maintenance and protection of the origin of the watersheds and the carbon stocks in its biomass and into the soil, besides its biodiversity and endemism. Despite still exist considerable remnants of primary cloud forests there are few studies that listed species that occur in these ecosystems. The aim of this study was to characterize the floristic composition of four areas of the Upper Montane Rain Forest of the "Serra do Mar" in the state of Paraná and to compare it with other cloud forests in southern and southeastern Brazil. A total of 346 vascular species were detected. They comprised 87 families including 72 angiosperms (288 species), 14 pteridophytes (57 species) and one gymnosperm. The species richest families were Myrtaceae (34 species; 10% of total), Asteraceae (30; 9%), Orchidaceae (29; 8%), Rubiaceae (17; 5%), Melastomataceae (16; 5%), Poaceae (12; 3%) and Bromeliaceae (11; 3%). The Serra do Ibitiraquire presented the largest area of cloud forests and the highest species richness (231 species). Of the 346 species found in typical cloud forests, 231 species were classified as typical, 41 as transitionals from high altitude grasslands and 68 as transitionals from lower montane forests. Similarities between the studied areas and other Brazilian cloud forests were low (cluster analyses and Sörensen indexes). Besides the geological, geomorphological, pedological and forest structural differences, the conservation status, the lower influence of "Mixed Ombrophyllous forests" (Araucaria Moist forests) species, pioneer and lower montane species, justify this lower similarity.




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