Birds of Morro Grande Reserve (Cotia, SP)


  • Pedro F. Develey Birdlife International Programa do Brasil
  • Alexandre Camargo Martensen Universidade de São Paulo, Instituto de Biociências, Departamento de Ecologia


birds, Atlantic forest, secondary forest, mature forest, mist-nets, point counts


A total of 198 bird species was recorded in the Morro Grande Forest Reserve. The survey was conducted between 2001 and 2003 using qualitative and quantitative (mist-nets and point counts) methods. The number of species recorded with the quantitative methods was lower if compared with the total number of species registered in the reserve, with 98 species recorded with point counts and 46 captured with mist nets. In spite of this difference, both methods detected similar patterns of species distribution, showing a huge heterogeneity in the bird community along the reserve, with the main differences between the mature forest, richer and with several exclusive species, and secondary forests. However, even among secondary forest plots differences could be seen. Besides the large size of the Reserve and the fact that it is well linked with the continuous forest of the Serra de Paranapiacaba, several species have already disappeared from the Reserve. These are mainly species under a high hunting pressure and the large canopy frugivores. Even though, the Morro Grande Reserve harbors a high diversity of species, with several endemic and threatened species. The conservation and restoration of Morro Grande forests represent important actions for bird conservation in the Atlantic forest.




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