Anurans of a remnant of Mixed Rainforest in southern Brazil



Atlantic Forest, species list, community structure, reproductive modes, seasonality, conservation


Abstract: The Brazilian Atlantic Forest is one of the world’s most biodiverse biomes, with large numbers of endemic and threatened species. However, this biome has suffered extensive deforestation and habitat fragmentation, with a drastic reduction of its original vegetation cover. The compilation of data on the occurrence patterns of anurans and their natural history is important for the development of effective conservation strategies. Here, we present the results of a survey of the anuran fauna of Parque Estadual do Papagaio Charão (PEPC) in Rio Grande do Sul state, southern Brazil, providing information on species endemism, conservation status, and reproductive modes. We collected data on the local anurans between March 2018 and February 2019 using active searches and pitfall traps. We recorded 26 anuran species distributed in seven families, with eight different reproductive modes. The largest number of species (20) was found at the forest edge, followed by the interior of the forest and open area, each with 16 species. The most abundant species were Leptodactylus plaumanni (41.7% of records), Physalaemus cuvieri (27.1%), and P. carrizorum (16.5%). Greater species richness and abundance were recorded during the rainier months, while temperature influenced only the abundance of the anurans. Rhinella henseli, Rhinella icterica, Vitreorana uranoscopa, Aplastodiscus perviridis, Boana curupi, Boana leptolineata and Proceratophrys brauni are all endemic to the Atlantic Forest. Melanophryniscus devincenzii is classified as Endangered by the IUCN, and Proceratophrys bigibbosa as Near Threatened. Boana curupi is considered to be Endangered in Rio Grande do Sul state, and Vulnerable in Brazil, while V. uranoscopa is Near Threatened in Rio Grande do Sul. Our findings emphasize the importance of protected areas, such as the PEPC, for the maintenance of anuran populations and communities in the Mixed Rainforest formations of southern Brazil.




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Potrich, A. P., Santos-Pereira, M., Toffolo, C., Ascoli-Morrete, T., Soares, J. P., & Zanella, N. (2020). Anurans of a remnant of Mixed Rainforest in southern Brazil. Biota Neotropica, 20(4). Retrieved from //




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