Insights for policy-based conservation strategies for the Rio de la Plata Grasslands through the IPBES framework


  • Antonella Gorosábel CONICET, Instituto Nacional de Tecnología Agropecuaria
  • Lucrecia Estigarribia Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Instituto Multidisciplinario de Biología Vegetal, Facultad de Ciencias Exactas, Físicas y Naturales
  • Luis Filipe Lopes Universidade de Lisboa, Instituto Superior de Agronomia, Centro de Ecologia Aplicada “Professor Baeta Neves”
  • Ana Maria Martinez York University, Faculty of Environmental Studies
  • Juan Andrés Martínez-Lanfranco University of Alberta, Department of Biological Sciences
  • Ademola Andrew Adenle University of Bern, Institute of Geography
  • Carla Rivera-Rebella Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Facultad de Ciencias Biológicas, Departamento de Ecología
  • Muhammed A. Oyinlola University of British Columbia, Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries, Changing Ocean Research Unit


Land Use Change, Biodiversity, Ecosystem Services, Drivers, Nature’s Contributions to People


Abstract The Río de la Plata Grasslands (RPG) are one of the most modified biomes in the world. Changes in land use and cover affect the RPG’s rich biodiversity. In particular, the expansion of crops, overgrazing, afforestation, and the introduction of exotic species pose a major threat to the conservation of biodiversity and ecosystem services (BES). In this study, we applied the Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) conceptual framework as a new lens to approach biodiversity conservation enactments in the RPG. First, we systematically reviewed published scientific literature to identify direct and indirect drivers that affect the RPG’s BES. Further, we conducted an extensive analysis of management policies affecting the BES directly in the region, at a national and international level. We conclude by offering recommendations for policy and praxis under the umbrella of the IPBES framework.




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Gorosábel, A., Estigarribia, L., Lopes, L. F., Martinez, A. M., Martínez-Lanfranco, J. A., Adenle, A. A., Rivera-Rebella, C., & Oyinlola, M. A. (2020). Insights for policy-based conservation strategies for the Rio de la Plata Grasslands through the IPBES framework. Biota Neotropica, 20(1). Retrieved from //




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