Fish fauna of the Río San Pedro and Río La Pasión, Usumacinta River Basin, Guatemala



Abstract The Río San Pedro and Río La Pasión lie within the Usumacinta River Basin, a globally significant center of freshwater fish diversity. Both rivers are listed among Central America’s top 50 regions for conserving freshwater biodiversity. This study presents an updated checklist of 70 fish species, of which six are non-native to the Usumacinta River Basin. From these species, 69 are reported from the Río La Pasión and 56 reported from the Río San Pedro, representing higher species richness than previously reported. The checklist derives from a systematic survey of fishes conducted in 2019 and records available in public databases and published literature. Seventy-eight percent of the species were reported in both rivers, and Cichlidae and Poeciliidae had the most species. Secondary species represent 59% of the species reported, followed by peripheral species with 22% of the species. The species with highest fidelity in Río La Pasión were the armored catfish Pterygopichthys spp. and the livebearer Gambusia sexradiata; and the cichlids Thorichthys meeki and Oscura heterospila had highest fidelity in the Río San Pedro. Thorichthys helleri was widely distributed in both rivers. According to the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, there are four species classified as Vulnerable in Río La Pasión. However, 62% of the species are of Least Concern, 25% of the species are Data Deficient, and 6% are listed as Not Evaluated. More research is needed to document the status of the fish fauna, and improved habitat protection is required to conserve stocks.




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