Vol 11 Num 4

About the Biota Neotropica

BIOTA NEOTROPICA is an electronic, peer-reviewed journal edited by the Program BIOTA/FAPESP: The Virtual Institute of Biodiversity. This journal's aim is to disseminate the results of original research work, associated or not to the program, concerned with characterization, conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity within the Neotropical region.

Manuscripts are considered on the understanding that their content has not appeared, or will not be submitted, elsewhere in substantially the same form, because once published their copyrights are transferred to BIOTA NEOTROPICA as established in the Copyright Transfer Agreement signed by the author(s).

Manuscripts may be submitted in the following categories:

  • Articles
  • Inventories
  • Short Communications
  • Thematic Revisions
  • Taxonomic Revisions
  • Identification Keys

BIOTA NEOTROPICA accepts articles in English, Portuguese or Spanish, but all papers, in all categories, must have a title, an abstract, and keywords in English and in Portuguese or Spanish. For more details please consult the item instructions for authors.

The institution responsible for the electronic publication of BIOTA NEOTROPICA is the Centro de Referência em Informação Ambiental, CRIA, (Reference Center for Environmental Information), located in Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil. BIOTA NEOTROPICA is an "online only" journal that uses the World Wide Web as platform. However, to fulfil the rules established by the International Codes of Nomenclature, 20 copies of BIOTA NEOTROPICA are printed and distributed to reference libraries.

Exceptionally, in 2001 only one number of BIOTA NEOTROPICA was published, therefore all papers accepted by the "ad hoc" referees and by the Editorial Board by December 31 of 2001 are found in volume 1, number 1/2. From 2002 to 2005 two numbers per year were published, but with the steep increase in number and good quality of submitted manuscripts, from 2006 onwards three issues per year will be published. Therefore, all papers accepted by the "ad hoc" referees and by the Editorial Board by March 31 will be included in number 1 of the current year; all papers accepted by the "ad hoc" referees and by the Editorial Board by July 31 will be included in number 2 and papers accepted by November 30 will be part of number 3 of the year.

All papers submitted for publication in BIOTA NEOTROPICA will be assessed at least two "ad hoc" referees. BIOTA NEOTROPICA uses the anonymous peer review process, i.e. author(s) will not have access to the identity of the referees. Once articles are accepted, they will be published in the issue in progress.

During the initial six years, while the electronic tools of Biota Neotropica were being developed and tested, the financial support of FAPESP and CNPq covered also PDF production costs, as well as the costs of printing and sending to the reference libraries the 20 copies of the printed version. Now that the development phase its over, and Biota Neotropica became a reference for the large area of research encompassed by the theme characterization, conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity in the Neotropical region, it is necessary to develop means to keep an continuously improve our publication. Therefore the Editorial Board decided to establish a charge per published page, for all papers submitted for publication. From 1st of April 2011 onwards this charge will be of US$ 25,00 (Twenty Five American dollars), to cover the costs of producing a high quality PDF, as well as printing and posting to the reference libraries the printed version of Biota Neotropica. Maintenance of the electronic version - including de development of new electronic tools - will still be covered by agencies like FAPESP and CNPq.

The page charge above mentioned should be paid directly to the company that makes our PDF. Payment details will be communicated to authors in the final stages of the editorial process of the accepted papers. Aiming to fulfill the requirements of the International Codes of Nomenclature we are producing, and depositing in reference libraries, 20 printed copies of BIOTA NEOTROPICA. Authors submitting papers with the description of new species, with new names or combinations thereof, should make sure that this procedure does fulfill the specific requirements of the taxonomic group he/she is working with. The Editorial Board has no responsibility in this verification.

This publication is sponsored by The State of São Paulo Research Foundation/FAPESP.

Fundação de Amparo | Pesquisa do Estado de São Paulo, Fapesp
Conselho Nacional de Desenvolvimento Científico e Tecnológico, CNPq